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Natural Indigo Tee

Natural Indigo Tee

Velva Sheen
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Natural Indigo Dyed from Japan

Washing and wearing this shirt will result in a beautiful spectrum of indigo fades and create a gradient of blues throughout the shirt. 

100% Cotton

Starting in Cincinnati, Ohio back in 1932. During a time when knitting companies were making shirts and sweats for the military and schools with badass sense of style. Due to hard economic times Velva Sheen almost shut down in the 90’s but Hide (He-day) Murase from Japan saved the brand by purchasing the rights. Immense respect for traditional manufacturing stays made in the USA, tubular knit construction, and high-quality cotton. The story of how Japan played a role in saving American heritage is evident with Velva Sheen, something we honor as an American business.  


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